Why Nallamala Forest became a National Issue?

Nallamala issue,reasons behind nallamala issue,what is nallamala issue,celebrities respond on nallamala forest,Save Nallamala
Nallamala issue,reasons behind nallamala issue,what is nallamala issue,celebrities respond on nallamala forest,Save Nallamala

Nallamala the latest sensation which makes every person raise their voice. It became a national issue where all the Naturalists seriously opposing the proposal of mining for Uranium.

Most of people have a common question "What is Uranium?".

Uranium- The radioactive element used to generate nuclear energy which helps in producing the electricity. It is very risky and costly to process Uranium. It is a powerful element and estimated that 1kg of Uranium-235 is equaled to 1500 Tons of coal.

According to Stats given by Central Electricity Authority up to 2019 July 31, the percentage of Nuclear power is 1.9 i.e, 6,780MW only. The Government of India had set the target to increase it to 40,000 by 2030. As of now The Government imports the Uranium from Canada and some other countries. Additionally, from Jaduguda in Jarkhand and Thummalapalle in Andhra Pradesh, the mining for Uranium is done.

Indian Atomic Energy Agency Scientists found very long ago that Nallamala contains rich quality of Uranium, their goal is to extract it from there. In 2009 Srisailam tiger circle chief conservator had ordered the DFO of Achampet and Nagarjuna Sagar to submit the report on Uranium mining. In this report, they strongly opposed the mining for Uranium and stated that the forest department shouldn't permit it at any cost. 
This is not the first debate made on Nallamala issue, it is continuing for decades. The villagers made allegations on Directorate of Atomic energy and Uranium Corporation of India, as they made research at Nallamala without their Notice. The forest advisory committee in 2019 permitted to survey in Nallamala for Uranium and this threatens the villagers. 

According to the amendment made in 2015 of 1957 Mines, Minerals Development, Regulation Act Sec 4(1), It is not necessary to take the permissions or prospecting licenses for Nuclear Organisation which runs under PM of India. This company has every right to explore for Uranium in India and the mining and processing is done by the Uranium Corporation of India. 

Some Environmentalists say that nuclear energy is not suitable for the electric needs in India as it very risky and costly. They stated it is difficult to handle Uranium as it needs extra care while mining, storing and disposing of the radioactive waste generated. There is no technology made till now to make Uranium harmless. It is not correct to destroy the large scale forests for generating electricity. It affects the health of people more than anything. 
Now this issue is heating up day by day, celebrities of TFI and common people are responding against the mining in the name of Save Nallamala.



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