TSRTC strike to lead where?

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The temporary RTC drivers appointed by the government had been committing multiple accidents from many days. The people are against them for their inexperience and subjecting their lives to risk. The strike of RTC employees had affected the transportation system and became a major issue for the people. The idea of temporary staff is good but the way they handle the situations and vehicles is must to be considered.

The lives of people are kept in inexperienced hands and no proper safety precautions are taken passengers said. The drivers are found drunk while driving reported by the passengers mostly.

The issue has to be solved as soon as possible or else more people will suffer and a lot of property damage will occur. The government and RTC union should step down not being stubborn and discuss on this.

The Government should be concerned about the life of RTC employees who is forcefully giving up in the name of suicide. The RTC employees should think before giving up their lives as life is more valuable than the benefits from the government.

The order given by the government on dismissing of nearly 48,000 RTC employees should be taken back immediately. The employee had a right to protest as its a mandatory for any to express their feelings.

They should choose a positive protest rather than troubling thousands of passengers. Both the Government and RTC union should reconsider their decisions and solve this issue to avoid the bitter consequences.


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