It is a case study how BJP became darling of people in Bengal

It is a case study how BJP became darling of people in Bengal

          Didi Mamata now became 'Gaali' Didi. Her restlessness, her ambition to become PM made her mad. The way she spoke on dais today in Diamond Harbour belittles her image. The abuses from her mouth should be condemned by any civilized person. She did not leave any word of abuse. Goonda, Saitan, Kicking out, throwing out  and what not, She forgot that she is holding VIP constitutional position. She went to the extent of asking people to fight central forces which is a dangerous provocation. All people irrespective of political affiliation should condemn it . Election Commission should take note of it and take appropriate penal action against her.

       Unfortunately, the intellectual community claimed to be liberal, pro left and pro Congress could not understand the danger posed by Mamata to the very fabric of democracy. They are blind enough to see the immense danger underlying in the attack on democracy. In fact, it was CPM and Congress who suffered much due to the repressive and dictatorial actions of Mamata. Yet, their ideological position made them blind to see the reality. Any condemnation of Mamata's actions in relation to attacks on BJP and its cadre is not  accepted to their anti-BJP mindset.

    The attack on freedom of expression by arresting Priyanka Sarma and sending her to 14 days police custody is not an issue for these intellectuals. What does it mean? Your upholding of democratic rights are conditional and selective. Your fight against intolerance is farce. It is an issue if it suits you politically! What a commitment? People are not fools to blindly believe what you say. They are smart enough. Your selective actions made BJP stronger and attractive to people. Even take the case of West Bengal. Despite all the sufferings faced under Mamata rule your conscious is not allowing you to condemn Mamata's actions against democratic rights because it benefits your arch rival BJP. But people are smarter. Your inaction made them directly land under the BJP platform because they felt that Mamata's action is dangerous to democracy. They are not bothered much about the ideological hangovers. This has helped BJP to expand quickly in Bengal. Your dilemma is advantage to BJP.

       This type of dilly dallying made these intellectuals vulnerable to criticism. Whether it is supporters or adversaries, your stand on issues must be consistent. Otherwise, your views will not carry much weight. Similarly, selective secularism practiced in India made the scope to BJP penetrate in to neutral people and thereby expand their base. Of course, it is not the sole reason but it is also one of the prime reasons. The way BJP emerged as principal contender in West Bengal is amazing. In a shortest span of time, it pushed to second position bypassing CPM and Congress. The tactics adopted by them and the brave fight made by their cadre made them hero and CPM and Congress were not considered as callengers to Mamata. This is the main reason to rally round BJP by the people. It is a case study in political arena of the success story. Coming days and months will be crucial in West Bengal. Political pundits are expecting backlash in post election scenario from ruling party and more repressive measures may undertake by Mamata. So, it is interesting to watch future period in Bengal. This is the major worry for democratic loving people in Bengal . Let everyone watch keenly. 


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