Is Modi 2.0 different from Modi 1.0?

Is Modi 2.0 different from Modi 1.0?

                 Modi 2.0 is not only continuation of 1.0 but totally new avatar. The speech @ NDA parliamentary party meeting in joint parliamentary hall is one of the best speeches of Modi after becoming Prime Minister in 2014. His new slogan ' Sabka Viswas' along with Sabka Sath, Sabka Viswas creates lot of hope in the leftover sections of BJP. The massive mandate gave by people in second term made him more assertive and more accommodative.

           The outreach to Muslims directly appealing to MPs to pierce into the deceptive narration by Lutyen's Delhi as if they are under attack and fear and to win over their confidence is looked as one of the visionary speech delivered by Modi. He even further said that the people who voted for us and even the people who do not vote for us are also ours. Such a broad message to the society will definitely strengthen 'Viswas' from all sections. He pointed out that Muslims' plight on education and health care would have been taken care of instead of creating fear among them. At BJP Head quarters , he observed that elections are won by 'Bahumat' but Government are to run by ' Sarva sammat'. The way he sent the message after massive victory shows his magnanimity and ideas of championing 'inclusiveness'. 

         He also talked about ' NARA' means National ambitions and Regional aspirations. It is another outreach to regional parties who can be accommodative though theirs is national party. India is country of 'Unity in diversity' , the message has spread. The way Modi functions in second term in few days is an indication of his future plan of action. When the draft of new Education Policy became controversial, he immediately made the draft revised though technically the draft is prepared by a Committee not Government approved. His quick response shows that he is more accommodative towards regional aspirations. The pronouncement of NARA has been practiced when the real test came within few days. His style of functioning is also changed in second term. He is generally not interested in Committees to formalize decisions but surprisingly he appointed two Cabinet Committees on 'Investment and Growth' and 'Employment and Skill Development , both headed by himself. Is he a changed man?

      It seems that he wanted to occupy the 'other space' also. It is a welcome move. Already prominent Muslim elders welcomed the new approach of Modi and addressed a direct letter to him supporting his new direction. The second term is purely Modi's not BJP's. BJP played supportive role to Modi in the elections. At the same time, his past history also is an indication of his assertiveness. When he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he clashed with Viswa Hindu Parishat. It was the history. Many are slipped this important aspect in his track record. Though he is staunch follower of RSS, he has shown his independent approach in the past. Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee behaved similarly. The present actions of Modi shows that he is more matured and more accommodative in the second term than the earlier one. It is a welcome change and country will be benefited by this new approach as challenges are many from national security front as well as economic front. Welcome Modi 2.0  


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