Congress self goal on Kashmir

Congress self goal on Kashmir,Track record of Congress on Kashmir,Himalayan blunders committed by Congress on Kashmir,Congress erodes its base further due to anti-national stand taken on Kashmir

  Congress Party made historical blunders on Kashmir since Independence. Yet, it did not realise the gravity of these himalayan sins. It is the most unfortunate story of Congress. Again, now, it is continuing the same way committing strategic mistakes which made Congress irrelevant. Rahul Gandhi led a delegation to Srinagar showcasing that Kashmir situation is beyond normal. Whether he requires journey to Srinagar to declare that Kashmir is abnormal? Any layman all over the country sitting in remote corner can tell the same. Fundamental rights were temporarily suspended, that is also known to everyone. Then, what was the objective of this journey to Srinagar. In this critical situation, Rahul Gandhi and other opposition party leaders wanted to put Government in embarrassment position. But they were mistaken. People felt that Rahul Gandhi would have avoided this visit in the national interest. It will take longer time to restore normalcy which is known to Rahul Gandhi also. By this act, he did not gain anything except getting wrath of public in the entire country. Rahul Gandhi's Congress party created big legacy issues on Kashmir since Independence.

  Is it first time Kashmiri leaders were put under house arrest or behind bars? The track record of Congress which ruled the country most of time  was not find any glory. Shaik Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah were under house arrests several times, their elected Governments were removed arbitrarily several times, Governor rule was imposed several times, all separatists were behind bars several times. Younger generation may not know the history. The hands of Congress party were soaked in blood in the history. It can not teach democratic lessons now as if something occurred first time under Modi Government. It is not fair to blame all the time, they acted in self interest. Situation in Kashmir is so complex that no solution emerged in the last 72 years. But Congress party committed certain blunders during this journey.

The blunders of Congress in Kashmir:

1. When Army advanced to liberate occupied areas of Kashmir, political leadership asked Army not to cross Jheelam, otherwise Azad Kashmir would have been part of Jammu and Kashmir.

2. The reference of dispute to UNO is himalayan blunder which is haunting us till today. 

3. The Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh was absolute without any conditions and approved by Mountbatten without any conditions. But the very next day , Mountbatten wrote a letter to Maharaja  stating that final accession will be decided according to the will of people of Jammu and Kashmir. Congress leadership was taken into confidence by Mountbatten in this regard. No constitutional/statutory provisions available to Government to declare such policy.

4. The same blunder committed in UNO letter. India, not Pakistan. not only referred the matter to UNO but also requested UNO to conduct plebiscite under its supervision.

5. Initially, pampered Shaik Abdullah and conceded all his demands including Article 370 and later Article 35A. But when his demands are unending and against our national interest, he was kept under arrest for more than a decade.

6. Allowed separate flag and separate constitution. The rest of Princely States also made such demands but Patel convinced them and saw that it did not happen.

7. Another important blunder committed by Congress in connivance with Farooq Abdullah was large scale rigging of Jammu-Kashmir State Assembly elections in 1987. Several present separatists and terrorist leaders contested that election under 'Muslim United Front' . Most of them got elected but declared otherwise by evening. This incident was used by these elements internationally that elections in Jammu-Kashmir were bogus and cooked in favour of Central Government. Most of them later turned as separatist leaders or terrorists. This selfish act on part of Congress under Rajiv Gandhi in collusion with Farooq Abdullah was blot on democracy.

8. The killing of Kashmiri Pandits and forceful evacuation of 3 lakh Kashmiris by extremist elements in the name of ' ethnic cleansing of society' was not handled properly by Congress Government. 

9. Of course, post 1990, things took totally different shape. It has become Government vs extremists. No out of box solutions were attempted since then. Day by day , things are worsening without solution. Congress ruled most of the time even in this period  without any serious measures to resolve the conflict.

    With this track record, can Congress claim that human rights are first time violated? In such situations, it will take months together. Congress knows better. People are fed up with Kashmir situation. Younger generation are desperate to resolve it at the earliest. They supported Modi with this mindset. Somebody first time is making new attempt, let us extend our support and see whether it works. This is the thinking of many people.

  Congress unable to understand the psyche of people. That is why, a section of leaders in Congress openly supported Government actions. Still, Rahul Gandhi follow the same path because his mindset could not accept whatever Modi says. Blind anti-Modi made him not to grasp the sentiment of people. Particularly, in north India, Congress party's base will be further eroded due to Rahul Gandhi's stand on Kashmir. His provocation further by visiting Srinagar will alienate him from vast masses of the country who are solidly behind Modi on Kashmir issue. Congress is making self goals one by one to see that it will become irrelevant in near future. Alas, it is not good for democracy. Hope some polarisation takes place and come out as alternative national party to have healthy democracy.    



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