BJP becoming another Congress Party?

BJP becoming another Congress Party?,BJP another Congress Party

BJP expanding its base in a big way. Last time in 2014 when Modi got elected first time, they took a decision to expand in non-Hindi areas in the next five years. Its strategy played dividends in East and North East. In North East , West Bengal and Odisha , BJP gained heavily in number of seats. But its strategy did not work in South. In Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and kerala , it did not get single seat whereas in Telangana, it was able to get  four seats surprisingly, that too with huge margins. BJP now seems going for inorganic expansion by 'Operation Akarsh' from other parties.

Recently, four out of six Rajya Sabha members of Telugu Desam party joined in BJP. Today, AP Abdulla Kutty ,ex MP from Kannur, Kerala state from Congress party joined in BJP. In Andhra Pradesh apart from four Telugu Desam MPs, several MLAs, ex MLAs and other leaders are eager to join in BJP. Today, news came that Lanka Dinakar, official spokes person of Telugu Desam party met BJP leaders in Delhi  and joined in BJP.  Megastar Chiranjeevi was approached to join in the party with offer of state President. Several Kapu leaders of  Telugu desam party are also in consultations about their future. In Telangana, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy already announced joining in BJP. Only in Tamilnadu, the process is yet to start.  

All the above clearly shows that BJP is making serious efforts in attracting other party leaders into its fold instead of developing base on its own. It is a new strategy in South India. Here, certain observations are made about these developments.

1. Its expansion in South India will be inorganic instead of on its own.

                2. This time, it wants expansionfrom all sections including Muslims unlike in the past.

                3. Even tainted leaders fromother parties are being taken without hesitation and unmindful of

                   public response.

  4. The positive environment developedpost elections is being exploited to get maximum         

         mileage in South India.

  5. It focuses specially on Telangana and Kerala expecting that by 2024,there will be big dividend.

 The above shows the desperation on the part of their leaders. On one side broadening the base by attracting minorities is a good sign but at the same time taking tainted leaders into its fold gives a bad image to the party. In one way, gradually, it may be another Congress party in near future if the same trend continues. Once such feeling comes in the public, it will damage the BJP in the long run. Be careful of image deficit in future.



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