All party meeting : Is it a futile exercise?

All party meeting : Is it a futile exercise?

   Modi 2.0 seems to be more matured compared to Modi1.0.  The massive mandate given by people made him to think more broader way. The utterances, actions in the last few days shows that he wants to project as he is man of 'ALL'. The new approach towards minorities with offer of 5 crore scholarships in the coming five years and modernisation of Madrasa education is seen as a big attempt to outreach Muslim community.  Similarly, there is more open and positive talk about opposition unlike in the first term. It can be labelled as ' inclusive and accommodative" approach.

   Tomorrow's all party meeting is also a new approach. He invited Presidents of all parties to the meeting which is a welcome step in the larger participation of stake holders in democracy. In fact, it should become a regular feature. This will remove communication gaps among political parties. In democracy, personal communication is very important despite ideological differences.

   The first such meeting should have planned in an informal manner followed by specific subject matters. The very first meeting if set an agenda of contentious issues, this maiden attempt may be first and last. The political strategists in Modi team should have done more ground work instead of straight serious meeting. Particularly, the issue of simultaneous elections is contentious and parties may reiterate the same position taken earlier. Then the very purpose of such meeting will be defeated. Chances of positive result is not bright. Let us wait and see how the outcome turns out.




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