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Rajnath Singh, withdraw your statement

       Rajnath Singh came out with a bombshell that nuclear option is open in future. He said that there was an agreement that India will not use nuclear weapons first on its own but in future it may review it depending on circumstances. It is a serious drift from stated position all these years by ...


Amit Shah's maiden speech in Lok Sabha on Kashmir laudable

      Amit Shah's maiden speech in Lok Sabha was quite impressive and effective. He spoke emotionally on Kashmir issue and rebutted opposition leaders comments point by point effectively and also with evidence. He openly accused Nehru for mishandling the Kashmir issue and responsible for ceding one ...


Suppression of democratic rights by Mamata Banarjee

Bengal attracts whole India again. Violence has become routine in all phases. Mamata Banarjee being Chief Minister supposed guardian and protector of law and order ironically became root cause for lawlessness. She is supposed to uphold democracy and its values but she herself became provocateur of violations. The langu...