Indian CEO's:God Bless America

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Indian CEOs, who form the best brains of the US, are now ruling the roost in most US corporates. This is a matter of pride for India. Indians are at a vantage point and are carving out the fate of the best companies in the US.

Most of these are those who found themselves discarded by the system in India. They found themselves at crossroads and were forced to migrate to foreign soils. They worked hard in the US and grew from entry level professionals to the top positions.  Most of these honchos were victims of the faulty reservation system in India and were subjected to victimisation at the hands of the political honchos. In fact, many know that this system was responsible in driving them out of the country. Yet, instead of cribbing about it, they worked hard and made good on foreign lands.
The American corporates have to thank the reservation system for it forced the best brains to migrate to the US. Long live the system, they say.