Is India moving in the right direction?

Is India moving in the right direction?,Religious practices should not disturb others rights,Law of the land not respected by its citizens,india moving towards anarchy

          India is racing ahead among developing countries and very soon it will enter into middle income group countries. Another side, its record in  strengthening democratic values is coming down. In democracy, fundamental rights of each and every human being is paramount. In this aspect, whether India is progressing well? Definitely, big NO. Appeasing communities, keeping quiet when things are going in the wrong direction is normal to the Governments. This ultimately leads to anarchism if it is not curtailed in budding stage.

  Particularly, religious appeasement is very common in India. All religious practices in India are crossing its limits. Any religious practice must confine broad ethos of society. It should not be irritation to others. but in India, it happens contrary. Temples and Masjids in Hyderabad will come on roads suddenly. In the last 30 years, it was observed that thousands of new constructions have come. Government is silent spectator. Prayers on every Friday are being conducted by occupying roads. Government never bothers to arrest the trend. In the name of Ganesh utsav, almost 11 days high volume sounds are organised by Utsav Samitis. Government will not object.  Everyday, five times Masjid prayers observe over mike despite disturbances to others. Similar is the case with Swamy Ayyappa Bhajans. The objective is not to criticise religious practices but it should be environment friendly and should not disturb others rights. Similar is the case with Churches. In childhood I observed that every night after 10 pm , preachings used to be there over mike. Likewise, Ganesh Nimajjanam is causing pollution every year. Though Government tried to regulate it, its effectiveness is under question.

  These uncontrolled practices if not regulated will lead to anarchy in the coming days. Number one, people do not bother about laws of the land. They always try to violate them in the name of convenience, sentiment etc. Second, Government has become silent spectator over a period of time.  A strong people's movement is required to bring awareness on respecting the law of land and also respecting fundamental rights guaranteed under Constitution. Leave alone religious practices, it is observed that DJs in night bars without sound proof is common in Cities. Complaints from public has been treated like waste paper and thrown into dustbin. In several places, children appearing for examinations are under severe stress but their parents' complaints are not having any value in the eyes of police people who are nurtured and pampered by these bars. Now, a common belief is that leader should be strong enough to take brave decisions. Leaders like Modi, KCR are categorised in that category by general public. If so, why not they take this issue and see that law is respected without deviation. Recently, law is passed with heavy penalties if any violation is there in vehicle driving. Several people welcomed it to prevent accidental deaths and casualties. Taking the same spirit, let us take the campaign to respect the law of land as well as protection of environment minimising pollution levels in the interest of decent and matured civilisation. 

By Ram



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