Court creates social unrest

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     Sometimes Judicial actions also creates social unrest. Ranchi City Court gave an order which creates shock waves in majority Hindu community. Richa Bharati, a degree student shared a face book post against which Anjuman Committe went to the court. The contents are objectionable and hurt the sentiments of Muslim community, the committee alleged. She was arrested by the police and sent for custody. It seems , the post spoke  in favour of deportation of Rohingya Muslims and also commented that most of the terrorists emanated from one religious community only. She questioned why it is happening. That infuriated the Anjuman Committee which represents Muslims. 

   She applied for bail and City Court has granted bail with a condition that she should gift five Quran copies  and one out of them should be gifted to Anjuman Committee in the presence of Police. The Court also wanted to present evidence of distribution of copies.This judgement reached the social media with aggressive and provocative response. One comment says that she may be asked to convert to Islam if she did not obey the Court order. She politely informed in the Press that she respect the Court but seek justice from High Court for relief.

   All these days provocations came from various sections in the society but never heard of provocative action from Court. If Court opines that she committed wrong , it is having powers to give punishment but not forcing an individual to propagate another faith against her/his will. Judges and Courts are also accountable to the society. If individual commits wrong, Courts punish. If Courts commit wrong who will punish? Judicial activism should be addressed by the society in the larger interest of  democracy.  


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