Congress in utter confusion

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      Jairam Ramesh is one of the think tankers of Congress. He suddenly realised that demonising Modi all the time is not helpful to Congress. He further said that with this approach, it is difficult to confront him in future. It is late realisation after routing in the elections. Congress is moving in directionless and in total confusion. If this trend continues further, more and more regional leaders exit from the party. Congress is running with interim President. It can not elect new leader since elections are over. On matters pertaining to the country, it is unable to take clear decisions. Decisions ,if any, taken are counterproductive.


  The stand taken on Kashmir is the most unpopular decision, particularly in northern India. It will wash out the leftover base to Congress in Hindi heartland. That is why, many leaders are careful. It is not surprise that statements emanated from several Congress leaders supporting Government decision on abrogation of Article 370. The second issue is support to Chidambaram despite clear evidence of money trial and correspondence established between Peter and Indrani Mukherjee and Karti Chidambaram. It is another self goal made by Congress. It was emerged out of fear that the fall out may be on Gandhi family afterwards. This fear made them to extend  support to Chidambaram. Third, the present views expressed by Jairam Ramesh and Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Modi are thinking of many mid-level Congress leaders.

  All these indications may lead to further down of Congress in the coming days. No charismatic leader to confront Modi in Congress. Whatever little charm Priyanka Gandhi enjoyed today may halt at Robert Vadra who is in deep trouble. Observers are expecting that Robert Vadra may be behind bars sooner or later. Then, Priyanka Gandhi's image may be tarnished. Many birds in the bush , it seems. It is unfortunate that no national party emerge in near future with broad base across the country. It is not good for democracy but there is no alternative as on now. Hope some party will emerge from this turmoil soon for the stronger democracy.


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