Anti-national campaign on Kashmir

Anti-national campaign on Kashmir,Mischievous campaign on Kashmir,Unequal comparison between Article 370 and 371
    Rumour mongers are active now. When they all know that entire nation is with Modi on Kashmir issue, these elements are isolated. At the same time, they are not reconciled with ground reality. This sudden surge in favour of Modi is not palatable and digestible to these hard core anti-Modi elements. Initially, they were shocked. Gradually, they started their old game. They are trying to incite people in other means. In this new game, so called liberals, leftists and separatists joined together. Their new game is that Federalism is in danger. Autonomy of States is in danger. Today, it is Jammu - Kashmir, tomorrow, any State? May be yours, yours. Such is the provocation.

  They are bringing comparison between Article 370 and 371. Today, it is Article 370, tomorrow, it will be 371. This is the new slogan and provocation of people. Is there any truth in their campaign? Let us look into both these articles.

Article370: Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir:-

Article371: Special provisions with respect to various States:-

          The nomenclature itself speaks a lot. Article 370 is temporary provision whereas article 371 and its sub clauses are Special provisions in respect of States. Equating both the Articles itself is mischievous. It is nothing but covering up one's mistake by saying that I am not alone, there are many in this category. But truth is otherwise. No comparison between these two.

        Now, let us examine the content. Article 370 says that the laws of Parliament are not applicable to the State of Jammu and Kashmir except in few subject matters. The State is having its own constitution, its own Prime Minister, its own Flag.

       Article 371 deals with the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat with regard to establishment of Development Boards in backward areas.
      Article 371 A deals with the State of Nagaland for protection of Naga customary laws and practices, and also protection of its tribal practices
     Article 371 B deals with the State of Assam for protection of its tribal areas
     Article 371 C deals with the State of Manipur for protection of Hill Areas
     Article 371 D deals with respect to States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the matter of public employment and education
     Article 371 E deals with establishment of Central University in Andhra Pradesh
     Article 371 F deals with the State of Sikkim after merger with India, no bar to extension of central laws
     Article 371 G deals with the State of Mizoram for protection of Mizo customary laws and practices and also its tribal cultural 
                             practices( similar to Nagaland)
     Article 371 H deals with the State of Arunachal Pradesh with respect to Governor powers
     Article 371 I   deals with the State of Goa after its merger with India
     Article 371 J  deals with the State of Karnataka for creation of development Boards for backward areas

                                 These are the Special provisions in Article 371 and its sub clauses. Let anyone tell that both are similar. Article 370 enables for own Constitution, Flag and everything except sovereignty 
           Article 371 deals with creation of Development Boards for backward areas, protection of tribal culture and practices and certain criteria with regard to public employment and education when AP and Telangana were merged and divided.

           Any layman can understand that there is no comparison between dangerous divisive content in Article 370 and certain protections for tribals in Article 371. Tribal protection is globally recognised phenomena. No where it contains any divisive content.

           Now, these elements are provoking North East people asif their status is in jeopardy and their existence is threatened. Secondly, they are provoking that any State can be bifurcated, converted to UT without the consent of its State Assembly. People like Rajdeep Sardesai is also arguing in the same lines. But what is the position? When AP Assembly passed resolution opposing bifurcation, how Parliament passed such Act dividing AP? Does Rajdeep Sardesai forget it? He was anchor at that time also. Why such propaganda is unleashed? Is it not anti-national to incite such sentiments and feelings based on half-truths?

         It is time to every citizen of India to rally round the Government at this critical hour and tell to the world that we are all one solidly backing the Government on Kashmir issue. Let this provacatures be isolated when country wants rock like unity and solidarity. Countrymen, Rise to the occasion and stand behind Government on Kashmir.


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