Viral Pic: Man Stands for 6 hours On Flight To Let Wife Sleep

Man Stands for 6 hours On Flight,Wife Sleep,Viral Picture
Love is unconditional and while most humans aren't really good at it, here is the man who made it look easy and authentic. The picture of a man standing for mammoth 6 long hours on an aeroplane is going viral on the internet.

The picture was first shared on Twitter by a user called Courtney Lee Johnson with the caption, "This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love." The image shows a middle-aged man standing in a flight while looking affectionately at his wife who was sleeping on three seats.

The couple became overnight popular with just one photo and Twitter started praising their love. However, just like how a coin has two sides, a section of people differed their opinion. People called the wife self-centred and selfish for making her husband stand for so many hours on the flight.

One Twitter user wrote, "This is ultimate love," whereas another person wrote, "That not love. That's selfishness on the woman's part. Can't she just place her head on his shoulders and sleep? Love doesn't work like that." Nevertheless, we believe this is certainly a characteristic of true love and salute to the husband for standing so long.


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