Terrorists Terror attacks in India

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Intelligence warned the government for the upcoming terrorist threat. The terrorists planned for multiple attacks during Diwali celebrations said Intelligence officers. The Police have increased the search operations in Delhi along with the other states in the country.

Five terrorists are ready to trespass into the country near Gorakhpur at Indore-Nepal borders. They have planned for a destructive blasts in India warns the Intelligence. All the necessary support for them is provided by some Kashmir people, revealed through their phone conversations. The officials have traced their phone calls and found their last movement at Nepal borders.

Based on the information received from the Intelligence reports the Home Ministry has issued a high alert in the country. There are more chances to attack on the Military base in Punjab the forces have alerted and issued orange notice in Airbases in Pathankot.

After the cancellation of Article 370, nearly sixty terrorists have entered the country through LOC stated the intelligence officials.

The Government should take all the necessary actions to stop them. No more blasts should be happened, no more lives should be lost in the hands of terrorists. The government should counter the plans of Pakistan and teach them a lesson in a way that no one ever dares to steps in the country.


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