Indian Origin Singhal Nominated as Federal Judge By Trump

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US President Donald Trump has named an Indian American a federal judge in Florida. Anurag Singhal is among the 17 judges whose names have been sent by the White House to the Senate. If his name gets Senate approval, he will replace James I. Cohan.

Singhal is the first Indian American to be nominated for this position in Florida. The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear on Wednesday to agree on his name. He is currently posted at the 17th Circuit Court in Florida. He has been in this post since 2011.
A graduate from Rice University, Singhal studied at Wake Forest University School of Law. His parents immigrated to America in 1960. His father was from Aligarh and was a research scientist at Exxon. His mother was from Dehradun.

According to the India West newspaper, Singhal is known for lobbying for the famous Aileen Wuornos case, a serial killer who killed seven men in Florida.
He did not first advocate Wuornos during the trial, but when the accused made serious allegations against the prison guards, he fought for him.
US President Donald Trump on Monday named 54-year-old Anurag Singhal of Florida as a federal judge. His name is also included in the 17 judges sent by the White House to the Senate. Singhal will be the first Indian to become a judge in Florida. He will replace James I. Kohn.

1.Singhal is the first Indian to be nominated for this position in Florida. The judges’   names are to be confirmed by the Judicial Committee of the Senate on Wednesday. He has   served in the 17th Circuit Court in Florida since 2011.
2.Singhal graduated from Rice University. He studied law at Wake Forest University. Early   in his career, Singhal worked as a prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office.
3.Singhal was also a lawyer for the Defense Department for decades. His parents moved to   the US in 1960. His father was from Aligarh and was a research scientist. His mother was   from Dehradun.
4.Earlier, Trump nominated Indian-origin US Attorney Shirin Matthews to the post of   Federal Judge for the US District Court in California. Trump was praised by the Asian-  American body National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) for this.
5.NAPABA had said – if her name is agreed, she will be the first woman in the Asia-Pacific   region to hold the post. With this, she will be the first Indian-American to become an