Weight Loss:Moong Dal Dessert Fudge Is Perfect For Dieters

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The long journey to fitness and weight loss requires one to meticulously follow a healthy diet along with active workout regime. Including foods with high protein content is a sure shot way of making headway in the process. Protein not only helps in repairing tired and worn off muscles, the high-power nutrient also keeps the stomach full for a long time that eventually prevents binge eating and consumption of unhealthy foods. A typical weight loss diet is full of nutritional meals and drinks, but is ideally devoid of sweet, sugary foods. Since, sugar is made up mostly of empty calories, it could wreak havoc on our fitness goals by putting on extra calories in the body that we try so hard to get rid of. But, if sweet craving strikes hard, which is difficult to resist; rather than fighting it off, treat yourself to a weight-loss-friendly dessert!

Surprised? Can desserts ever be weight loss-friendly? We are happy to break this to you that yes, desserts can also be healthy and can cater to your sweet tooth at the same time. If you don't believe us, take a look at this unbelievable recipe of a dessert that tick marks every box of your diet chart. Proteins – check; fibre – check; sugar-free – check!
High-Protein Moong Dal Dessert Fudge
This is a halwa-like fudge made of hari moong dal or green lentil that is high in protein and really fibrous in nature. The recipe of this dal dessert fudge shows how you can turn this nutritious food into a sumptuous dessert with some simple ingredients and quick method.

Moong beans are ground into a fine paste, which are then sauteed in cow's ghee (clarified butter) with raisins, milk and cardamom. In place of refined sugar, gur (jaggery) is used to sweeten the dessert. Milk is added to lend creaminess and milky taste to the dish, which is later garnished with some nuts to present delish dessert fudge that you can tuck into without deviating from your diet.