India's first Ruby chocolate

ruby,sarah todd
Sarah Todd not only loves chocolate, she enjoys cooking with it as well. The chef and restaurateur has at least two to three chocolate desserts at her restaurants as she feels the Indian customers love chocolate-based desserts.

The celebrity chef was present at the unveiling of India’s first ever Ruby Chocolate in the form of Fabelle’s Ruby Gianduja by Fabelle, the home grown luxury chocolate brand from ITC Ltd.

Created 80 years after the launch of white chocolates beside dark and milk chocolate, Ruby chocolate is made from Ruby cocoa beans, which are found in Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

With their natural ruby colour and unique berry fruity taste, they are an intense sensorial delight and Sarah was only too happy to discuss what brought her on board for them.

“I'm really excited about them. It's a fourth kind of chocolate, beautiful in colour and delicious, with berry notes. I love that it's all made naturally. It's an exciting product, specially for the Indian market as they like to try out new things,” she said.

A special masterclass was also held as part of the launch of the chocolate.

The session began with tempering of the chocolate, for the audience to understand the basics of cooking with Ruby chocolate.

“We started with the base of the preparation- the Ruby Gianduja crunch and the Pink peppercorn infused Ruby ganache nestled in Coconut creameaux inside which the Ruby and peppercorn ganache provided a burst of flavour. We also created a glaze on this product after freezing it, which was made out of sesame oil and Ruby glaze served on a bed of Ruby rice crisps with a Raspberry coulis and Pate de fruit,” she said.

Explaining what pairs well with Ruby Gianduja, Yogen Datta - Executive Chef, ITC Kohenur and Fabelle added that fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, yellow and black, red currents, blueberries and blackberries make for a great combination.

“One can also pair Ruby chocolate with citrus fruits like, orange, mandarin, lemon, pink grape fruit, lime and caviar lemon. Some exotic fruits that also make for interesting combinations are coconut, passion fruit, mango, litchi and pineapple,” he said.