Noodle Keema Donut Recipe

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About Noodle Keema Donut Recipe: An interesting savoury donut recipe made of noodles and spices that will instantly spruce up your taste buds. Try this unique snack recipe at your next dinner party and your guests wouldn't be disappointed.

Ingredients Of Noodle Keema Donut

3 Gram Salted butter
3 Gram Black pepper crush
100 Gram Lamb mince
Kitchen king masala
30 Gram Fillo pastry
5 Gram Salted butter
10 Gram Loroloso
10 Gram Jalapeno
15 Gram Mayonnaise

How to Make Noodle Keema Donut
1.Heat oil in a pan, sauté garlic till golden brown.
2.Add the magic masala ad lamb mince.
3.Roast the lamb mince till fully done.
4.Add 1/2 cup water and add maggi.
5.Once the Maggi is done, reduce down the mixture and let cool.
6.Once mixture is cool enough, arrange a tray with parchment paper.
7.Shape the mixture, as a donut – individual pieces and let freeze.
8.Once its cooled wrap it with fillo pastry and keep in fridge.
9.Pre heat oven at 180-200 degree Celsius.
10.Apply butter at the bottom of the tray and then place the donuts.
11.Bake till the skin is golden brown.
12.Plate accordingly.