What Makes Men Really Attracted To Their Wives After Marriage?

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Often, we see marriages falling apart due to loss of interest from either of the partners. It is also seen that marriages bring out a stronger bond between couples. attracted to their wives after marriage Let's dig deeper to find out what makes him keep his eyes on you all the time even after marriage.

1. You Make Him Feel Like He Is Winning:
Men always love the fact about winning and in a marriage, and when you give her that comfort of thinking he is winning, it makes him attracted to you. When you give him affirmation that you are his and how you still feel about the way he made you fall in love, it makes him feel like he has always won you over. When you tell your husband how proud you are of him, how much his hard work has paid off, how much he is appreciated by the family, and that there's no one else like him, it says to him that he is winning not only as a man but as a husband too. Let him know he is still hot, he can still get your heart racing, he is a great provider and that he is great at whatever he does - whatever it is that you can compliment him on. And mean it to the core. A woman who sings his praises is a woman he will always come after in order to hear more.

2. You Still Show Yourself As A Mystery:
Oh, yes! Keep him searching for you in the no man's land. Let him seek out for the inner you. Let him rest in the shadowed alley of your mystery. When you show him that you are still mysterious enough and he has to find you out in your mystery, he takes it up as the challenge in order to find you and this keeps him attracted to you. Trust me, men are curious and this curiosity keeps the attraction level intact even after marriage. Let him find his way to your heart through unsolving the mysteries falling on his path. He wants it. When you become a mystery to your husband, there are things about you that he still wants to know, things you are thinking that he would like for you to divulge, secrets in your soul that he will be challenged to draw out. Be to him a treasure chest full of secrets and see him dying to unlock it.

3. Your Confidence Is Key:
The constant and cheapest way to always make him feel attracted towards you is by having the confidence level up always. A confident woman who knows who she is and where she's going always attracts a man, even after marriage. Chances are your husband once found in you a confidence that attracted him to you. It is not about how you look or about your insecurities, it is about keeping your husband be attracted to you and for that, confidence is required. When you express confidence in your speech, your walk, your body, your mannerisms, and your relationship with him, he finds that attractive and this makes him stay and desire for more.

4. Initiation Is The Tool To A Successful Marriage:
In marriages, it is always found that the initiation to love and feel loved goes away after a period of time. It is this initiation after a marriage shown by you that keeps him with you. A wife's initiation well after marriage makes a husband feel loved, pursued, and confident. Keep it low and real. Give a hug or a peck on the cheeks. Give a back rub. Make love. It makes him recognize the attraction level he has for you.

5. The Positivity Inside:
Men seek for women with positivity and after marriage, they still look out for the same in them. Positive people are enjoyable to be around. If you're pleasant, he will generally want to be in your company and after marriage, he would love to spend more time with you, as he cherishes the positivity inside you.

6. Your Commitment To Him:
Yes, your commitment matters to him. There are a lot of divorces in our surrounding every now and then. He looks out for your commitment to him and devotion to the marriage. It attracts him to see that his lady is committed to him.

7. You Arouse Him Sexually:
It matters to every individual. So does it for your husband and you. This kind of attraction has to do with your physic. Your looks are essential in the marriage. He will definitely be attracted towards you for the physical attributes of yours and also the way you arouse him sexually. When your man gets turned on by you, and he always desires to make out with you, it is obvious that he is attracted sexually to you. This tells that you need to keep your sexual furnace be lit always and use emotions at intervals as the catalyst. So, these are the main reasons for your husband to be attracted to you even after marriage.