Chanakya Movie Review

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Starring : Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada, Zareen Khan
Director : Thiru
Producers : Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Music Director : Vishal Chandrasekhar – SriCharan Pakala
Rating:  2.5/5

Gopichand who has been struggling to get back on track trusted in Tamil director Thiru, who has delivered a few lackluster action films. Chanakya is an action thriller in which Gopichand plays an undercover RAW agent.


Indian government is on the look out of a dreaded terrorist named Qureshi(Rajesh Khattar) who has now camped in Pakistan. To bring him back, RAW appoints a dare and devil officer Arjun for the task. How does Arjun enter Pakistan? How will he nab such a dreaded terrorist? and where do Mehreen and Zareen Khan feature in this set up? To know this, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

Gopichand is believable as the RAW agent. His performance is the only saving grace in this film. He is particularly impressive in action scenes. Mehreen plays a stereotypical female lead while Zareen Khan is part of the action that happens in Karachi. Upen Patel hams a lot and Sunil tries too hard to be humorous. Ali's comedy track is disgusting. Nasser is okay.

Plus Points:
A couple of action scenes

Minus Points:
Disengaging Screenplay
Pointless First half
Silly comedy
Lack of thrilling episodes

Technical Aspects:
Camera work in the film is pretty decent as it manages to show Karachi and the terrorist set up in a decent manner. The production design needs a special mention as they have re designed Karachi and a few other areas in a believable manner.

Music is okay but the background score by Sricharan is pretty good. Editing is below par as the romantic track could have been cut short to make things crisp. This whole dog mating episode looks silly and could have been avoided.

Coming to the director Thiru, he has done a below par job with his narration. He has rehashed all the spy thrillers and got his story ready which looks decent. He also starts the film well and gives it a good tone and set up. But he too falls prey for unnecessary commercial aspects and derails the film. In the second half, he had too much on the plate and couldn’t handle it. That is the reason he rushed things with his improper screenplay which has many logical errors and questions unanswered.


On the whole, Chanakya is a routine spy thriller which works in a strictly few areas. Even though the film looks stylish, there is nothing new you will see here in this action thriller. So, go in with all your expectations in check.



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