Today petrol, diesel rates in Hyderabad, other major cities -10th October

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Hyderabad: The crude oil price which went upwards for a few days has slowed down. The domestic petrol rates dropped for six consecutive days and is stable on Thursday (October 10). 

The petrol rate in Hyderabad reduced by 5 paise per liter and diesel 6 paise per liter. With this, the price of petrol is Rs 78.20 and diesel Rs 72.79. 

The fuel rates have also come down slightly in Amravati, where the petrol came down by 5 paise and diesel by 7 paise. The petrol is cost at Rs 77.80 and diesel Rs 72.05. Similarly in Vijayawada, the petrol rate reduced by 6 paise and diesel by 6 paise. The petrol costs Rs 77.43 and diesel Rs 71.71.

 The fuel prices have also slightly come down across the country. The petrol rate in Mumbai is Rs 79.15 and diesel Rs 69.97. In Delhi, the petrol cots Rs 73.53 and diesel Rs 66.75.