Yes, O' Brien, eating Pizzas at public cost

Derek O'Brien Statement on Talaq Bill,Unable to digest passage of Talaq Bill,Derek O’ Brien view over hurried passing of bills,dilivering bills like pizzas

           Yes, Mr Derek O' Brien, you are not delivering Pizzas but eating Pizzas at public cost and delivering lectures forgetting your duty. Mr Obrien belongs to a State where Industries were thrown out by talking much about rights forgetting their responsibilities. Self-introspect yourself , Mr Obrien. You people made Rajya Sabha as house of laziness, house of disruption and house of non-functioning.How dare you talk about delivery when the very word of delivery was forgotten by all of you.

    You just see the productivity of your co-house where its number is 543 almost double of your strength. They are not speaking rules, they are not disrupting the house, they are not wasting time on trivial matters but they are working overtime to complete legislative business. They are also drawing same perks like you. They are sitting sometime up to 11PM, once up to midnight. Nation wants to know whether Rajya Sabha Members of Parliament are different from Lok Sabha? Why are you not happy if more Bills are passed in this session. Passage of Bills is not any favour to anybody personally but governance of country will be improved. It does not mean that scrutiny of important Bills where matters are complex can be avoided. But your intentions are different. In the name of scrutiny, you want to refer each and every Bill to Select Committee.

   Last 16th Lok Sabha , what is your performance? Several Bills passed in Lok Sabha gets lapsed due to your (means Rajya Sabha members) irresponsible behaviour. The present series of Bills are repetition of exercise of last 16th Lok Sabha. Are you not ashamed of such role when nation elected you to represent them effectively. Simply because some more bills are passed, you can not bear it. You wanted same obstruction, disruption in this second term of Modi which is not possible. That is the crux of the problem. India wants to move fast. We have to race ahead of time. In this exercise, MPs must play a major role. Question the Government on delays but not on moving fast, my dear Derek O' Brien. Even if small mistakes are there , it can be rectified anytime in future. Scrutiny on merits is Ok but scrutiny as an alibi to delay is irresponsible and to be condemned. Nation feels that opposition is playing the latter role. First , get the trust from public as your behaviour and theatrics in Rajya Sabha are in the interest of nation.

    Lastly, talking about Talaq Bill as if it should be referred to Select Committee is in bad taste and injustice to the victims of archaic and medieval social practice. It is unfortunate that Mr Derek O' Brien hails from the State which was pioneer in social reform movement. Sati Sahagamanam, the evil social practice was questioned by the reformer from his State. Unfortunately, now he and his party is representing the opposite way. Surrendered to fundamentalists and status quoists by opposing the historic Talaq Bill.Mr.Derek O'Brien, have a self-introspection whether you are delivering Pizzas or eating Pizzas at the cost of Public money in subsidised canteens of Parliament without production. Leaving to you and public wisdom of your statement


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