Unchanged Sadness in Godavari River

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Every year this kind of accident happens continuously and in response, the government declares the compensation for the dead. But these accidents are never stopped happening, can compensation bring back the dead. It is better to prevent them than curing the loss with money. As per the information given by the eyewitnesses the tourist boat heading Papikondalu from Singanapalli revu drowned at Kachuluru carrying 50 passengers along with 11 crew. It is happened around 10:30 in the morning, at the time of incident 14 people jumped into the river from the boat with Life jackets, by noticing it the villagers from Thutugunta saved 10 of the passengers. This is not the first time this incident happened, In 1964 a boat named Uday Bhaskar drowned at the same place and 60 people are killed and another boat Jhansi Rani is also drowned here with  8 people killed. In 2018 a similar incident happened at Vadapalli and 22 people are killed in it. 

The Natives are blaming the government for granting permissions for boating, though the flow is very heavy. According to the data received 5.13 Lakh cu-secs of floodwater flowing at the time of incident. They stated the boats are overloaded than the permitted limit.

The tourism board should control the private organizations and make them to follow all the rules and regulations. The government should stop exhibiting negligence when people's lives are subjected to risk. Though the governments are changing periodically the way they handle these situations are remained the same. This should be stopped and make sure no life lost in this manner.



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