Robert Vadra next in line?

Robert Vadra may be next online? Robert Vadra may be arrested next? Priyanka Gandhi worried about Robert Vadra's probable arrest Gandhi family in trouble,robert vadra next in line

Chidambaram is on run. yesterday, Delhi High Court rejected bail petition to P Chidambaram. Also, High Court passed sweeping observations on him and on the case. This has to be dealt with iron hands.. He has been evasive and no-cooperative. It appears that he is the kingpin. Supreme Court did not take up the case yesterday on urgent petition moved by Kapil Sibal, counsel for Chidambaram. Today, Chief Justice is yet to hear the case. The latest news is that the case is listed under ' defect list'. The most familiar and long served Finance Minister is on run. His whereabouts are not known. Look out notice is issued by CBI. Any moment, he may be arrested.

   Congress leaders are totally backing him. They cry from roof top that it is a political vendetta. Priyanka Gandhi also joined the chorus. Reasons are known to everyone. Next turn may be Robert Vadra. Cases are coming to final stage. She was very much worried now that her husband is in deep trouble. If Chidambaram, being Finance Minister for a long time during UF Government and UPA Government, and also famous Supreme Court advocate and Member of Parliament could not escape from arrest, how can Robert Vadra be saved from arrest. He is neither Member of Parliament nor holding any other public status but only status is son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi and husband of Priyanka Gandhi. His financial dealings are murky. several reports were published how he amassed wealth in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan. Going behind bars looks certain for Robert Vardha. Gandhi family and Congress loyalists may cry as if it is political vendetta against Gandhi family. But the public perception is otherwise. Anti-corruption measures will be appreciated by people. Particularly, public perception is very bad about Robert Vadra.

 Media missed these indications given by Modi long back. During last Lok Sabha election campaign, Modi told that people under serious corrupt charges were now brought upto Jail gates and soon , they will be within Jail. Of course, after following all procedures enunciated under law. On that day itself, it was crystal clear that Modi's second term will be result oriented for the measures taken in the first term. Now, those results started coming. Ratul Puri, nephew of Kamal Nath, Chief Minister of MP was arrested in Bank fraud case. Now, Chidambaram is hiding from arrest. Next many heads will roll out. Out of all, Robert Vadra case will be star attraction. Modi is having still almost five years. Whatever Congress and Gandhi family says, trouble mounts to Gandhi family in the coming days. Out of all of them , most vulnerable is Robert Vadra whose cases are reaching final stage.



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