Rise of Ilegal liquor business in AP

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Public roads turned as liquor spots for the alcoholics in the state of  AP. As the government banned the private rooms, the drunkards choose to drink on the roads. The selling of liquor in the state is increased than the past says the people. Though the government introduced the new liquor policy, the implementation is a failure and resulted in a mess.

The Chief Minister of AP had taken a step to stop the liquor monster in AP. The government handover the shops from the hands of private management and runs under their direction.  The idea of reducing the shops is good but the outcomes after reducing them are worst.
Due to the reducing of shops and limited timings, the alcoholics are finding alternative ways to comfort themselves.

The demand for liquor made to open many illegal shops in the state. The unauthorised selling of liquor seen everywhere to satisfy the needs of alcoholics. A major allegation made on YSRCP activists that they turned as distributors of liquor. With the support of the leaders, they are taking part in this illegal business. Many hotels, retail shops turned to wine shops. Due to the political pressures, the officials are ignoring the existence of these shops.

The people of AP, complains as this became a major problem to them. Women plead the government for their safety between these alcoholics.

Jagan Reddy should take care of this illegal liquor mafia, as he promised a liquor-free state.  If this continues in the same way then it will affect the Jagan government and defames him. People of AP are eagerly waiting for the actions of Jagan Mohan Reddy.


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