Pawan promoter of caste and religion politics: Anil Kumar

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Anil Kumar Yadav Irrigation minister of AP has raged on Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Pawan has lost his mind and living in his own world.  He should gain some political knowledge before speaking on public issues. The comments made by him on Jagan exhibits his maturity levels. The way he behaves shows how jealous he is on CM Jagan.

Before suggesting the youth to follow him, he should control his fans and party activists. The language they use is high objectionable. They are abusing people by taking names of ladies from home.

The dual nature of Pawan Naidu can be seen with his contradicting statements from region to region. People have noticed this and neglected him in elections, but he still follows the same way.

He should follow the newspaper daily and update himself with the issues in the state.

The only leader who makes politics with caste and religion in the state is Pawan Kalyan. Though he claims his party won't encourage all these, he promotes the caste and religion politics. He can think of scaring people with his words but the reality is no one cares him, said Anil Kumar Yadav


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