Never-ending story of Jagan CBI cases

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The cases on Ys Jagan Mohan reddy the chief minister of AP haven't conclude till now. Based on the allegations made on Reddy, the Supreme court of India had ordered a CBI inquiry on August 2011. The CBI had taken Jagan into custody and started investigation on this. The Jagan had requested the court on various attempts for a bail, but the court rejected it. The court had given a conditional bail for him after spending sixteen months in Jail.

It's been nearly nine years now, Jagan visits the court every friday for the investigation. There is no progress in his case till now.

No court proved a Politician for his crime. The judgments are never done on time. The question is that why it takes so long to prove a crime done by a politician.

What progress is done in Jagan Mohan Reddy's case, the people of AP wants to know. He is accused of 43,000 crores of black money. It is equal to the annual budget of a small state.

Why is it taking delay? Does a 10 year won't be sufficient for CBI to prove the Case?

The common people want to know the fact behind this case. The opposition parties slam Jagan every time for his cases. The Jagan party condemns this seriously and says those are false cases as an act of revenge.

The truth has to be revealed and the judgment has to be done. The delay in the procedure results in the credibility of the Justice in India.



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