Is Jr.NTR last hope for TDP?

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Telugu Desam Party in recent times lost many strong leaders. Some of the strong leaders from TDP are looking towards the ruling party. Some analysts predict TDP will never comes to ruling under Chandrababu. It needs a strong leader who can take the polices into the public.

There is no alternate leader in TDP who can fill Chandrababu's place. CBN introduced his son into direct politics in the last elections and it resulted in defeat. The TDP cadre is not fully confident on Lokesh overtaking the responsibilities of TDP. Lokesh becomes the most trolled politician in TDP and the cadre wishes to have an efficient leader to lead them.

Some people of AP wants Jr.NTR to take charge of the party. His father Hari Krishna had some issues with the party policies and stayed out of the party and his uncle, father of his wife showed his clear support to YCP. In this case, it became a puzzle for everyone on his next move.

On the other hand, Janasena is building its Cadre and getting positive response day by day. It emerged as a third prominent political party after YCP and TDP. The situations now scares the followers of TDP for the gaining support on Janasena.

The verdict given by the people in 2019 elections shows their disinterest towards TDP.

The alliance with BJP and Janasena gave them power in the 2014 elections. But when he tried to face the elections individually in 2019 had resulted in a bitter experience. This exhibited their strength in recent times.

YS Jagan is concentrating on TDP to wipe it out completely. The leaders of TDP flowing to BJP to save themselves from cases.

What can lift TDP now? What will be the next move of Chandrababu? These questions are raising for every person in the state now.

The survival of TDP depends on the decision to be taken by Chandrababu now.



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