Impact of ruling Governments on Media

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It became a trend for the political parties to boycott the channels who opposes the ways of Government. The restrictions to the fourth estate is not fair as the media acts as a voice of Public. As an act of revenge, the governments formed trying to lock down the rival channels who spoke or shows their negative side. There are many situations where political parties in power tried to ban the media channels. Again this issue raised with heated arguments over boycotting the ABN and Tv5 news channels in AP. The TDP and other parties condemned this and made allegations on the Government of AP. According to the article 19(1)(a)  freedom of press is implied from the freedom of speech and expression and is guaranteed to every citizen to express their views.

Multiparty political system and media provide the warning signals of impending crisis. It warns and wakes the government to rectify the mistakes done on the ground level.

The strategy Governments follow to control a channel is "They stop the telecasts and it affects the rating, that results in reducing income. This make the channels to bow down to Government and favors them.  

The biggest question that arises today "Is the media working rightfully?"
The functions of Media is to question the government and telecast the credible information, it should set agenda favorable to the public.

Is the media following their ethical values and exhibiting real journalism. Maybe not nowadays the political parties influenced channels and made them favorable. Media channels are taking their sides based on their requirements. Free media with all its limitations is better than controlled media.

The boycotting of Tv channels are continuing from the past. This happened in Telangana when KCR the CM of Telangana banned two news channels ABN and Tv9. After 2015 elections when N Chandrababu Naidu came to power he imposed several restrictions TV channels Sakshi and 10Tv. Now the CM of AP showed his discomfort towards ABN and Tv5.
According to the Multiple system operator's statement that ABN hasn't paid their carrier fees and managing for many years and using the recommendations of the TDP government to avoid paying. As now they approached the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on this issue. But they MSO's don't have that right to boycott a channel. According to the new provision of TRAI, if 20% of the people from that constituency demands a particular channel it has to be given if not they can skip it.
But the TDP leaders made allegations that the Government is forcing the MSO's to stop the telecast of particular channels which questions the Government.

The Media should be transparent and should be on people's side rather than favoring a political party. It shouldn't lose its credibility and trust in public.


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