Chandrababu separated Jr. NTR for Lokesh's future?

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Vallabhaneni Vamsi who quits TDP, has passed an interesting comments on the Jr. NTR. Now, these comments made everyone think on this issue. Jr. NTR who acquired a mass following through movies had tried to start his political carrier in 2009. He campaigned on behalf of TDP widely. But his campaigns couldn't help TDP to grab the throne. Since then, there are no signs of Jr. NTR in party activities.

The major allegation is N Chandrababu Naidu the National president of TDP wantedly neglected Jr. NTR. He planned to get Jr. NTR out of the party. He executed the plan from his sources and accomplished it. Naidu thought Jr. NTR will become a threat for his son's future in the party. Nara Lokesh is the most trolled politician in AP. People of AP had an opinion on Lokesh, for his lack of knowledge on public issues. Compared to Lokesh, Jr. NTR is best, according to most of the TDP cadre.

If Jr. NTR makes his presence in the party, it will surely affect Lokesh's place. He cannot be a match to Jr. NTR. Even now people of AP strongly believe, Jr. NTR is the only hope for TDP.

Naidu is getting older now. The party responsibility should be transferred to a strong leader. He is projecting Lokesh as a face of TDP now. Not only people, but also the party cadre is not ready to accept Lokesh as future of TDP. In these circumstances, Jr. NTR's presence will make a lot of impact in the party. It will not be a wonder if the party splits into two groups.

If Jr. NTR wants to take part in TDP again, this might be a huge trouble for Lokesh. TDP needs a strong leader now. How long Chandrababu can back Lokesh? If a situation Lokesh vs Jr. NTR arises, how Naidu will solve this. It will surely be a challenging fight between them.



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