Alcohol thirst in Andhra Pradesh!

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YS Jagan Mohan Reddy CM of AP has decided to boycott the alcohol completely. As a part of it, the government preventing liquor in a step by step process. The shops have been lessened in number and opening timings have held confined.

This enhanced a huge struggle for the drunkards in the state now.  The change in timings and more limited shops has developed the competition among them.

The illegal liquor distribution is done heavily to satisfy the people. Most of the officials are aware of this illegal liquor business, but avoided taking any action.

Interestingly these drunkards are looking towards the neighboring state, Telangana. The Telangana government has implemented no such changes, as in AP.

The increased prices on wine bottles is also a huge blow for alcoholics.  This made them depend on Telangana. They are carrying the wine bottles from Telangana with the help of their friends or family members. Some people are fleeing to Telangana themselves only to buy the liquor bottles. They are approaching the borders of Andhra-Telangana, where the price will be normal.

If the YCP government bans liquor completely then the situation of these alcoholics is inexpressible. They may shift from Andhra to Telangana completely to consume the liquor daily. They are more concerned about alcohol than their family in recent days.


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